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The world is rapidly changing and the last decade has seen an evolution in various segments of the IT and Construction industries, both; in terms of technology and business growth. Currently the construction industry in India, especially the Infrastructure sector carries a huge responsibility to cater the nation's overall development.

Execution and management of activities and processes on a construction site need a disruptive approach. Construction projects involve huge capital investments and every error comes with significant cost implication. The key task is ‘problem identification’, not before it starts causing damages, but even before it could erupt. Agile problem identification needs a dynamic real-time monitoring system, a system that can get the problem to reach out to you. This feat can be achieved by doing the Internet of Construction execution by using the Information Technology. Currently, the IT industry is not only exhibiting an excellent growth, but is also pushing the human race to an altogether new realm of innovation and simplicity. A perfect blend of these industries would yield the elixir which could bless the businesses with an invincible growth and development. Now, adapting to a fresh approach by disrupting the existing processes is a tough experience initially, but change has to be immediate for its evolution to be gradual. With time, the smaller interests are themselves camouflaged to meet the larger purpose.

The Pocket Construction Manager, is a platform which simplifies construction management by providing real-time monitoring and process integration with e-documentation for construction projects of all scales. It brings all the stakeholder’s to communicate and share information, which conventionally are shard on WhatsApp, SMS, mails, handwritten letters, phone calls etc. through a common platform by various features and generate authentic reports. Thus, it strives in being synonymous as tool to bring a revolution in construction management for the best prospects. The Hajiri app is a frugal solution for the contractors, which replaces the most common yet important problem of authentic attendance, payment records and labour productivity. Hajiri disrupts the conventional attendance muster roll system of using registers, cards, biometrics etc. to eliminate manipulations at the grass-root level. The users can mark attendance and make payments to their labourers, directly from their phone. They can generate enterprise-level reports and pay-slips of the labour. It also provides real-time analysis of expenses and labour productivity on your phone and desktop which is accessible from anywhere at any-time.

Lastly, the purpose of any project is to fulfill the expectations of its stakeholders’ who in return are required to do what it takes to execute the project with integrity and commitment. Aasaan : The Pocket Construction Management shall be a vital tool in making the stakeholders’ expectations to meet the purpose of the project and shall strive in being synonymous to adding simplicity by using technology!

Change is inevitable and adaptability is assimilation!


  • To organize the construction industry by digitizing management processes.
  • To be known for excellence in services by imparting frugal innovation.

Mission 2020

  • To make a minimum of 1000 construction projects ‘Aasaan’ by Pocket Construction Manager.
  • To ‘Aasaan’ the attendance management system throughout India by The Hajiri app.
  • To reach out in one and two tier cities of India and a minimum of 5 cities internationally.

Core Values

  • Endeavor ‘professional empathy’
  • Stand tall in terms of ‘integrity and commitment’
  • Develop ‘synergy’

Founder - Hemil Parekh

Worked at - Turner International Pvt. Ltd.

Co-Founder, Chief Technical Officer - Bhavik Vora

Worked at - Datamatics Global Services Ltd.

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