Attendance, payments, reports and database maintenance of your organization

Bid your good byes to the register, cards and all the other conventional processes of attendance and muster roll systems. The Hajiri app is the fastest, smartest and the cheapest labour management system ever known!

This evolution of manpower management system controls manipulations at the grass-root level. This enterprise solution allows you to mark attendance, make payments, generate reports and maintain the labour attendance register on the go from your mobile phone!

Attendance - You can mark 30 attendances per minute without even touching your phone screen, even in offline mode.

Payment - One can record the payments made and also convey its details to the recipient via SMS.

Reports - The auto reporting feature generates payment, attendance and employee-wise reports in PDF formats on the go!

Database - The employee database is maintained on cloud servers and is accessible from anywhere, anytime!

The app has a multi-language user interface. The processes are designed with such simplicity, that anyone who uses an Android phone will be competent enough to operate this app. New entries can be easily registered and QR codes can be assigned immediately.

Download the Hajiri app, a perfect value addition to your business processes! Match to the pace of today's tech-evolution and let your business prosper with a fair business conduct.

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