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Resource Calculator

Before commencement of any activity, the Resource Calculator provides a labor resource allocation plan. This tool mitigates the possible risk of delay.

Non-conformance report

This is a quality and safety control tool which allows the user to file report and execute rectification in case of any quality lapse or safety violation.

Smart Attendance Log

This tool features an innovative approach of marking the attendance as the employees reach the office Wi-Fi zone. One can apply for leave, check their leave logs and attendance summary.

Employee Trump Card

The system creates a unique trump card for every employee by using the data from his app operations to display an employee’s overall performance.

infographic Video

This explains in brief the concept and the belief behind The Pocket Construction Manager.

Pocket Construction Manager

“Everything you see around is Civil Engineering.”

This is a basic quote every technical expert within the construction industry comes across. Our environment, space, architecture and living is synergized by the creations of the civil engineering technology! Mankind has evolved itself into this beautiful world by executing concepts of construction engineering into their every necessity. There are institutes, organizations, incubators and research centers that have blended this technology into the science of evolution altogether! The industry that synergizes the ecosystem deserves to be known as anything else but an ‘unorganized sector’! It hurts.

If one’s reading this and is still trying to figure out the reasons for it, then poor management is your answer! The entire problem comes down to managing time, cost and resources of any project! Every factor that has contributed to this ‘unorganized’ nature results into the following consequences. As we all know how necessity becomes a mother of inventions, every construction business is now focusing towards achieving excellence in processes. The IT industry which is well known for its well organized nature of business, has to blend into the system with the virtue of managing systems by integrating processes.

The Pocket Construction Manager is our solution to all the stakeholders’ within a construction project for a smooth execution. It fundamentally does two things-

  • Real-time project monitoring of safety, quality, execution, scheduling and costing from anywhere through cloud-based networking.
  • Integration of the processes by sharing informational data transactions among the executives on a common platform through workflows.

Liberate yourself from the maze of data management processes. Collect analyzable data at its source and generate smart reports with digital signatures. Examine the information generated from the analyzed data and control the project by building strategies. This will assist in -

  • Avoiding cost-overruns.
  • On-time delivery.
  • Optimum utilization of resources.

“Appreciation is the food for consistency.”

Pocket Construction Manager presents rewards and recognitions to the executives on a construction site. The performance is recorded according to the individual’s app operations and information relevant to the user’s job expectations is displayed on the employee’s performance chart. The interactive UI keeps a track of the tasks and reminds the user about his deliverables by issuing notifications.

Lastly, the purpose of any project is to fulfill the expectations of its stakeholders’ who in return are required to do what it takes to execute the project with integrity and commitment. Aasaan : The Pocket Construction Management shall be a vital tool in making the stakeholders’ expectations to meet the purpose of the project and shall strive in being synonymous to adding simplicity by using technology!

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