Story of an idea

Our education system, most of the times fails to talk two important learning viz: how to identify a problem and how businesses originate. These important aspects lose their significance since they are not considered among the basic skill-set required for a person to qualify for any academic benchmarks. This reminds me of that one teacher we all had during our childhood who disdained the Navneet Digests and 21 Most Likely questions and emphasized on finding answers to the questions ourselves! Problem identification is more often confused as an act of menace, little do we realize that with every problem identified and solved, the world moves forward and an evolution takes place.

Evolution is the science of change and development that comes with adaptability. It is the situation where a there is a sudden change which is gradually appraised by the masses. But here is the crux of it, for an evolution to be gradual, there has to be a change which is sudden. I cannot resist but mention the classic example of the sudden ‘Demonetization’ rule which is foreseen to solve many problems and bring a revolution in our nation’s economy! So with every problem solved, there are changes in traditions. And as the world is still gradually adapting, there are a chunk of innovators who have already found another problem and are hatching their next disruption plans! It’s an interesting cycle of traditions, disruptions and innovations and the digital technology these days has elevated this to the next level!

Now is it very important for the evolution by digital technology to be cost viable and give an extremely user friendly experience. It should be a crisp and frugal solution to common problem faced by a large user audience. Gradual evolutions can gain pace only when the system easily educates the mainstream market and becomes a breeding place for the early adopters! And I hope we remember that, ‘Change is Constant.’ In just half-a-decade, we have had classic examples of the smart phone technology popular among the 5 year olds, who can play better games and the 60 year olds, who are more active on social media! Digitization gives us the most valuable gift of sustainable data management and an honest business conduct. Businesses these days should go paper-less and level themselves up by getting empowered with digital technology.

Many businesses, especially the construction sites where labour and technicians work on daily wages can now redefine their manpower management system! The language friendly Hajiri app of Aasaan, replaces the cards and registers used in muster-roll management and brings it all on your phone. Now, one can mark the attendance of labor resources even without touching his phone screen and also generate multi-linguistic automatic reports without typing! With Hajiri, our vision is to empower the manpower supply agency with digitization technology and build a strong database. Disruption of traditions is a process full of challenges. We wish to convince our users of the wonders digitization can do in the construction industry. Hajiri will be a stepping stone to this revolution and shall go live on Google Play Store from 17/04/2017!

So this is the story of an idea which evolved into a product. The story of Aasaan before it begun. The biggest learning of a product-market fit. The journey of identifying the correct problems and of the constant endeavors in designing excellent solutions! The story which reads, “Once upon a time, there was a problem! ……… and then we got Aasaan.”

#Aasaanhumein :)